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Faculty and Staff Resources

Mandatory Reporter Information

CARE does not oversee the mandatory reporting policies and procedures. Learn more about Title IX Mandatory Reporting obligations through the Office of Institutional Equity. 

Be transparent with students if you are a mandatory reporter by discussing your obligations for reporting in the first class or in your syllabus. Explain that you care about their experiences and will listen to them if they want to talk, but that you can also connect them to confidential resources on campus. 

Responding to Disclosures

How you respond to a disclosure of sexual violence, sexual exploitation, relationship violence, or stalking may influence what resources they choose to access later. Below are ways to support someone if they disclose interpersonal violence: 


Listen to what the person is saying with the intent to hear them, not to respond. Give them your full attention and don't offer unsolicited advice. Never label a person's experience - refer to it by using the same language they do. 

Acknowledge their Strength

Disclosing experiences of interpersonal violence takes strength. Thank them for sharing their experience with you and tell them that what happened to them was not their fault.  

Connect to Resources

Healing starts with community. Direct them to confidential resources that can support them through their healing process. If possible, offer to walk them to CARE to meet with an advocate.*

*Please note: if you are walking someone to CARE, please call 765-495-CARE (2273) before you leave so we can have an advocate available when you arrive.

Impacts of Interpersonal Violence on Academic Performance

The impact that experiencing interpersonal violence has on a student's mental health and well-being varies based on a multitude of factors, however, the following are common responses that may impact a student's academic performance:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Reduced class attendance
  • Difficulty regulating emotions
  • Sensory triggers

Students who experience interpersonal violence may need accommodations to reduce the impact that the experience has on their academic success. Campus supports may contact you to request specific accommodations for the student, but not all students are ready to connect with campus resources. Be open to discuss accommodations that you can provide a student if they request to have a discussion with you. Offer to connect them with campus resources, like CARE, if you are unable to provide the requested accommodations for any reason.