Reporting Options

You have the right to report incidents of interpersonal violence to law enforcement or the University. CARE advocates can explain the reporting options available to you, and support you throughout the reporting process if you decide to file a formal report. 

Law Enforcement

If you decide to file a police report, you must file it with the department that has jurisdiction of the location where the incident occurred. For on-campus incidents, you can contact the Purdue University Police Department at 765-494-8221 and request to speak with an officer. 

If the incident occurred off-campus, you can contact one of the following departments depending on the location of the incident:

If the incident occurred outside of Tippecanoe County or you are unsure of what department to contact to file a police report, we recommend connecting with a CARE advocate. Advocates can help you determine what department to contact and meet you at the police station or arrange for an officer to meet you at our office to file a report. 


Students can also report incidents of interpersonal violence to the University through the Office of Institutional Equity. Investigations through the University vary depending on whether the incident falls under the Title IX Harassment or Anti-Harassment Policy. To learn more about University reporting, schedule an appointment with a confidential CARE advocate and they can connect you with the Office of Institutional Equity to file a complaint under the applicable policy.